Bathmate Anal Cleansing System

$139.99 $119.99

With every component being made from medical grade material, you can now easily clean up and make anal play more hygienic, fun and safer with the Bathmate anal cleaning system. A personal hygienic device which can be used in the shower, it is perfect for complementing your cleansing routine. A 9inches long insertable part promises a deeper level of cleansing which is guaranteed to become part of your standard grooming habit.

Offering a unique design, it features an adaptive shower connector that can fit any shower and a multi direction flow nozzle that ensures you get a 360 degree cleansing of the rectum. A gravity fed system gives you total control against nasty spikes in pressure or temperature as you control the temperature of the water that fills the collection vessel. Built to last with strong and sturdy parts, in a bulletproof plastic, it comes with a life time warranty

$139.99 $119.99

Category: SKU: UMBM-HD-S

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