Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Tracking

All affiliates are given a promo code which give their referrals a 10% discount at checkout.

All affiliates receive a 5% commission on all orders.

Affiliate commissions do not include taxes and shipping.

Our Affiliate Area allows you to check the status of your referrals and payouts.



A minimum of 30 days must pass to verify your sales.  Payments will be distributed on the 1st Monday of the month after the 30 day approval process.  So, for example, if a sale is made on June 20th, you will be paid for it on the 1st Monday of August (not the 1st Monday of July).

We use PayPal for distributing payments.  Please be sure that you have entered the correct email address for payments if it is different than your contact email.


Marketing and Promotion

It may be useful to know that 80% of our customers fall in the demographic of males aged 21-45.

Typically, the highest converting ads are those which promote specific products on our site.

Our most popular items include:

1) Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager
2) Broad City Peg Like a Queen Strap-On Set
3) Evolved Come Together Strapless Strap-On

I suppose it should not be a huge surprise that a solo prostate toy is our top seller, as a large demographic of the visitors to our site are not necessarily practicing pegging with their partners, but are interested in prostate play in general.

We don't really focus on the 'femdom' side of pegging culture, we really emphasize:
1) the incredibly pleasureful sensation from prostate play and prostate orgasm,
2) the novelty and intimacy of role reversal for couples, and
3) the safe sex that comes from pegging play (no risk of disease or pregnancy).

As far as a value proposition to our customers, we really offer 3 things:
1) top-quality products from the best manufacturers that have no carcinogens or allergens
2) security and privacy through our 'Zero Bullshit Privacy Policy'
3) informational articles for couples interested in pegging.


Questions or Concerns?

Please let us know what issues you might encounter or suggestions you have on how we can improve our affiliate program!